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How can we help you?

1. We look at what you have – you help us understand what you would like to achieve.
2. We come up with a plan and present to you our concepts – you give us your input.
3. We tweak our concepts – you give us green light.
4. We get to work – you give us your feedback.
5. We present you with a finished website – you make plans to start killing it!
1. We show you our video options – you help us arrive at the best one for you.
2. We write a general outline, followed by a more detailed script – you give us your input.
3. We shoot the video – you give us a little of your time, if necessary.
4. We edit and sweeten the video with graphics and audio – you anxiously await the result.
5. We show you the final piece – you make plans to keep killing it!
1. We explain “social media” to you – you decide if this is the right “space” for you.
2. We create a SM strategy for your business – you set measurable goals.
3. We manage your SM – you save your time and focus on what you do best.
4. We let YOU manage your SM – you save on your budget and sleep a little less.
5. We measure the results against the goals – you might be killing it already!
1. We grab a coffee – you tell us about your goals and ambitions.
2. We ask you questions – you help us find your weaker areas.
3. We identify solutions – you offer us to become “management partners”.
4. We offer you all of our resources – you offer us a small percentage of your profits.
5. We keep investing our resources in your business – you keep killing it!