Johnnie Firari

Johnnie Firari, founder

Well before the latest downward economic spiral took hold of our country, Johnnie Firari had made it his business to be affordable, cutting edge and reliable. He has always made business personal, and that is why his reputation and success have longevity.


Tim Hashko

Tim Hashko, video

Born and raised in Belarus, Tim has followed his heart into the very heart of the Land of Opportunities. He believes in the limitless capabilities of the human mind, and uses his own mind to help businesses reach their true potential. He reviews films for Heartland Film Festival and will win an Oscar by 2016. More about Tim here.



Chelsea van der Meer, design

After studying both graphic design and fine art for four years, Chelsea has been using her skills to help small businesses find their visual essence. By combining the critical mind of a designer with the visceral mind of an artist, Chelsea works to represent her clients in a way that impacts their audience. More about Chelsea here.


Somchok Chawipax

Somchok Chawipax, web

Before YOUGO, Somchok had an opportunity to refine his skills and understanding of the Web at a reputable web design company. By keeping up with innovative technology trends, Somchok remains on the cutting edge as both a creative entity and as a programmer.



Jeremy Pollitt, search engine optimization

Jeremy Pollitt is our SEO expert. Search engines are tricky, and at times getting a high page rank is a tedious and time-consuming process, and is more art than science. Jeremy has the time and the stamina to see past the search engine tricks and provide results to Yougo clients.